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Pitch protection covers Domen сonsiderably simplify lawn care and allow you to prepare a high quality pitch on a tight schedule and despite any harsh weather conditions.


Application of pitch protection covers on different types of tennis court surfaces significantly facilitates the care of the tennis court and prolongs its service life.

GOLF Course

Protective blankets Domen accelerate vegetation processes on putting green lawns and provide constant maintenance to thrive it in any season.

lawn care

You can simplify your seasonal outdoor chores and reduce the costs of yard maintenance by using protective covers Domen. They help to establish a healthy lawn, which will delight you and your neighbors. 

Golf Course

Fascinating landscapes of golf courses created by human hands is a kind of artwork and among them may be the real masterpieces. Behind their natural beauty and perfection lies a complex and interconnected system of sites with different requirements for lawn quality.

Our company produces protective covers for sports turf maintenance. Due to practicality and reliability of our protective covers they can be used on a putting green. It is an area with very short grass, which is located around the hole. Greenkeepers in golf clubs have to work hard to create perfectly manicured lawn here and keep it in top condition in any season.

Due to its multifunctionality protective cover Domen-A (white and orange) became our bestseller #1. It helps to address the main challenges in lawn maintenance on a putting green and greatly facilitates greenkeeper's work.

After every game a golf course turf is always damaged by strokes of golf clubs and shoe heel pieces regardless of lawn density. Regularly moles contribute to the deterioration of lawn appearance. After winter time the grass on the putting green looks exhausted and lifeless. Appeared after all that bald spots and unevenness on the turf have to be repaired so greenkeepers overseed it very often.

Protective cover Domen-A (white) creates on the turf surface the most favorable microclimate for grass, thus growth and renewal takes 2-3 weeks less than usually. It also encourages roll lawns establishment.

Domen-A protects natural grass of a putting green from adverse weather conditions in early spring and autumn, reducing stress for turf and saving it from freezing. 

In summertime this protective cover is used to shade the green to prevent the grass fading.
To promote even more rapid grass growth on the green we recommend to use recovering blanket Domen-A (orange). For two or three days before a game it changes the color of the lawn to light green, which will be pleasing to the eye of players and aptly blend with overall aesthetics of the golf course. 

If for any reason greenkeepers were not able to cover a putting green in front of the bad weather and it got nipped by first frost, you may use protective covering Domen-B (black) for quick turf defrosting and fast cleaning from snow and ice just before a game.
To protect a putting green from ice and snow in winter and heavy rains in fall, we suggest the use of Domen-C rain cover. It allows you to keep the lawn dry despite of the bad weather and the turf will be ready for the games at any time of the year. Rain cover also improves lawn appearance and changes grass color to light green for two or three days before a game.

For more information on all the features of protective covers Domen see 'Our Products' section.

Our sports turf consultants will answer your questions on the application of protective covers Domen and golf course maintenance in ‘Consultation On-Line’ section on our website.