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Pitch protection covers Domen сonsiderably simplify lawn care and allow you to prepare a high quality pitch on a tight schedule and despite any harsh weather conditions.


Application of pitch protection covers on different types of tennis court surfaces significantly facilitates the care of the tennis court and prolongs its service life.

GOLF Course

Protective blankets Domen accelerate vegetation processes on putting green lawns and provide constant maintenance to thrive it in any season.

lawn care

You can simplify your seasonal outdoor chores and reduce the costs of yard maintenance by using protective covers Domen. They help to establish a healthy lawn, which will delight you and your neighbors. 

For Football

In preparing football pitch for matches it is very important to ensure high quality of the lawn in a very short time and with minimal costs. Greenkeepers have to make enormous efforts to protect sport turf from freezing temperatures, rain and snow.

Ice Rain snow

For more than 10 years ‘Domen-Agro’ company has been specializing in production of protective, germinating and insulation blankets for football fields. We work closely together with the leading domestic and foreign greenkeepers when developing new products

High efficiency, durability and usability of our products have gained popularity among the majority of football clubs in the Ukrainian Premier League.

Protective blankets Domen were used in preparation of the lawns at all UEFA Euro-2012 venues in Ukraine. For this event ‘Domen-Agro’ company manufactured 11 protective covers and to this day they simplify greenkeeprers’ everyday work.

Set of our pitch protective covers Domen quickly revives the most neglected lawn and helps to keep it in top condition all year round. It includes:

                - Domen-A recovering cover (white and orange)
                - Domen-B warming cover (black)
                - Domen-C rain cover (red)
                - Cable-stayed shading cover

Domen-A accelerates lawn growth, promotes quick recovery of grass and encourages roll lawns establishment. In winter it prevents the grass from freezing, especially in snowless periods and in summer it is used to shade the lawn.

To speed and encourage lawn recovery we have developed recovering cover Domen-A of orange color, which in addition improves lawn appearance. In 3-4 days the covered grass becomes emerald green.

Domen-A protective cover is our bestseller #1 due to its multifunctionality. It successfully addresses a lot of challenges in football pitch maintenance.

Domen-B warming cover (black) is used in spring and fall for fast cleaning of football pitch from snow and ice. It provides a fast warming-up and drying of the lawn by the complete absorption of sunlight and promotes root development of grass. This cover has been successfully used for turf growing for the stadium "Luzhniki" in preparation UEFA European Champions League Final 2008.

Domen-C rain cover (red) will protect the pitch from heavy rains, as well as from ice and snow in winter. It also improves lawn appearance and changes grass color to bright emerald just 3-4 days before a football game.

Due to energy saving when heating the pitch protective covers Domen pay for itself in one season. The normative operation life of our products is at least three years.

                                Protective Cover              


any season


early spring, autumn

           Natural and artificial


spring, summer, autumn

           Natural and artificial

For more information on protective covers Domen you can read in ‘Our Products’ section or consult experienced greenkeepers on our website in ‘Consultation On-Line’ section.