Multi-functional cover


Sports lawns in football arenas are often subject to severe damage during a game. Sometimes, between games, it is necessary to sow the seeds of lawn grass. The white multi-functional cover Domen-A creates a greenhouse effect on the lawn surface and provides optimal conditions for seed germination, accelerates the growth of young grass.

The use of a multi-functional cover accelerates the growing season of grass for 15–20 days, increases the survival rate of roll lawns, promotes rapid recovery of grass after overwintering or damage during the game and helps to maintain optimal humidity in the root system. With this cover, you can quickly and efficiently restore damaged areas of the lawn at any time of the year.

The white multi-functional cover Domen-A can be used in combination with lamps of artificial lighting, for example, with the lamps made by Mobile Lighting Rig Company. These lamps help keep sports lawns in excellent condition during the cold season, providing the perfect spectrum of light for grass growth in autumn or winter. In winter, when preparing the football pitch for the game, the Domen-A cover makes it possible to use special equipment for snow removal, efficiently protecting the grass lawn against mechanical damage.

The white protective cover Domen-A consists of separate sheets that are quickly connected to each other and securely fastened to the surface of the lawn with the help of a specially designed mounting system.

The white cover Domen-A protects the pitch against sudden temperature changes and early frosts in autumn-spring period, reduces the negative impact of weather conditions on plants. The use of a cover in early spring with the so-called “physiological drought” (from 0 to +8°С), is especially efficient.

The white multi-functional cover Domen-A has thermal insulation properties and is used by greenkeepers to protect the lawns against freezing in the winter season and to shade the grass in the summer. If the football pitch is equipped with a heating system, a white cover in the cold season helps to save up to 40% of electric power used to heat the pitch.

To improve wear resistance, polypropylene cord is sewn into the cloth, which is sewn round with special tape. Along the perimeter, the cover is securely fastened to the lawn with special super-rigid plastic pegs. The white multi-functional cover Domen-A is used by more than 45 football arenas of Ukraine, Russia, Spain, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Poland, Romania.

  • Lifetime is 5 years
  • It can be used in spring, summer, autumn, winter
  • It is applied on natural lawns
  • It improves growth of a grass, survival rate of roll lawns
  • It saves up to 40% of electric power when heating a field
  • It protects a lawn against pollution during repair work at stadium
  • In the absence of snow in winter, it protects a grass lawn against winterkilling
  • Laying time is up to 2 hours, staff – 2-4 people