Suspended cable construction for shading grass


In 2010, we have received a request from the Ukrainian football club Shakhtar (Donetsk) for the manufacture of a cable-stayed suspension shading structure for protecting a grass lawn on the new football stadium Donbass Arena. The main requirement of the customer was to ensure lawn care and training for football players in the daytime in comfortable conditions without additional preparatory work on the football pitch in the summer, as well as protection of the lawn against excessive solar radiation in the hottest months: July, August.

The football arena was already put into operation, and the project had to be developed in view of the impossibility of making changes to the design of the stadium itself.

The use of Domen-2S sun-shading structure allows reducing the temperature on the lawn surface by 5-8 degrees. At the same time, the sheets located at a height of 6-12 meters make it possible for athletes to carry out full-fledged training, for technical personnel to provide with complete care of the grass lawn and water the lawn without difficulty.
The sheets of a sun-shading structure freely penetrate water, which makes it possible not to remove them from the field during the summer rains.

For installation and dismantling of a cable-stayed suspension sun-shading structure, only 4-5 people are needed. Installation and dismantle of a cover takes 4 hours.

In 2011, Domen-Agro Company specialists did a stellar job, they developed, manufactured and installed on the football pitch a unique cable-stayed suspension structure of Domen-2S, Cable-Stayed Shading Cover, which today is the most technologically advanced and efficient product of Domen-Agro Company for protection of a grass lawn against excessive sunlight.

The cable-stayed suspension structure is designed for use in football pitches in the summer and is intended to prevent grass wilting, protect the lawn against excessive UV exposure, and improve grass vegetation in hot weather. The cable-stayed suspension structure efficiently shades the lawn without obstructing free air circulation.

  • Lifetime is 7 years; for structure it is 20 years
  • It can be used in spring, summer, autumn
  • It is applied on natural lawns
  • It protects a lawn against wilting and drying out
  • It allows fully using the football pitch for training
  • It improves the vegetation of grass lawns
  • It gives the chance to apply special equipment and perform servicing of a lawn
  • Installation and dismantling time – up to 4 hours, staff – 4-5 people