Rain cover


“Domen-C” anti-rain cover is designed to protect the grass lawn of sports arenas from rain and wet snow, accelerated heating of the lawn surface. The orange-red color of the veil is as effective as possible for the plant photosynthesis process. The use of this coverlet for several days before a football match allows you to improve the appearance and quality of the grass lawn. The grass on the football field takes on a bright green color.

The cover “Domen-C” consists of individual panels that are quickly connected to each other and securely fastened to the surface of the lawn with the help of a specially designed fastening system.

“Domen-C” anti-shave coverlet is made of durable laminated woven material, which consists of special additives that determine its resistance to ultraviolet radiation. When preparing a football field for a game, the Domen-C cover provides an opportunity to use special equipment for snow removal, effectively protecting the grass lawn from mechanical damage.

The cover material does not allow moisture and air to pass through, so it is recommended to keep the cover on a natural lawn for no more than 3-4 days at a temperature of +16 degrees and above. At lower temperatures, the term of application of the blanket on the lawn can be increased. In the presence of heated lawn, the blanket “Domen-C”

To improve wear resistance, polypropylene cord is sewn into the cloth, which is sheathed with special tape. Along the perimeter, the cover is securely fastened to the lawn with special super-durable plastic pegs. A feature of this bedspread is that it has a connector line along the field axis – from gate to gate. This allows you to quickly dislodge the remnants of water from the middle of the field to the edge and drain water into the storm sewer.

Lightweight cloths of anti-storm cover quickly spread out and gather, which allows you to quickly protect the field, both from short-term rainfall, and from prolonged rain and sleet.

Allows you to save up to 30% of electricity. The cover can be used together with lamps of artificial lighting. These lamps help to maintain grassy lawns in excellent condition during the cold season with a lack of natural light. The “Domen-C” anti-rain coverlet is also effectively used to protect against excessive precipitation and industrial pollution on artificial turfs in football arenas, on clay and grass tennis courts, and on other sports grounds.

“Domen-C” anti-rain coverlet is used by more than 35 football arenas of Ukraine, Russia, Turkey, Kazakhstan.

  • Lifetime – 3 years
  • Application – spring, autumn
  • Applied on natural
    lawns and artificial lawns
  • Protects the lawn from
    rain and snow
  • Saves up to 30%
    of electricity when
    electric heating of the lawn
  • Facilitates the process of photosynthesis of grass lawn
  • Allows you to apply
    special equipment
  • Laying time – up to 2 hours,
    staff – 2-4 people.